What Is Going On Here?

On these pages I will attempt to record the full story of a series of events around the midlands village of Gisbrough in 1764.

That is exactly two hundred and fifty years before I’m writing this.

I am a direct descendent of several people central to the story, aggrieved by the travesty of justice that destroyed several families, and the continued misrepresentation of what happened to modern books and articles.

Here you will find the progress of my research and the progress of a fictionalised account, fleshing out the facts.

– You can find the raw facts of events and historical notes in chronological order in the Notes posts.

These posts will be altered as new information is found.

The best place to start is the beginning and work your way through in order.

– The most up-to-date version of the fictionalised story begins here.

– I expect all readers to ask at some point: Is any of this true?

The short answer is yes. All events happened or were said to have happened. However, the What Is Truth? pages explains more.

At times I may edit and add to older posts, otherwise I’d have to duplicate much of what has already been written as I find new information. I’ll post a short explanation when this happens.


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